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Since 1973, our passion coupled with the wealth of knowledge and industry experience are the qualities that have made Vistalite™ stand out as a leading New Zealand company within the window and door industry.
The key difference that Vistalite™ offers is its people. Our professionals are more than happy to explain all the intricacies of windows and doors using non-technical language so you, the customer, can be assured that you are getting exactly what you are after. Vistalite™ takes pride in listening to its customers and produces quality products that are customized to meet the customer’s specific needs.

Vistalite - Results you can see

The quality of our product is supported by an unmatched service from people who know windows and doors inside out.
Given New Zealand’s temperate climate and focus on indoor/outdoor flow, Vistalite™ offers a range of window and door systems to comprehensively meet your needs with innovative features and durable elegance. Our systems meet and exceed all New Zealand standards for windows and doors.
The total integration of our new systems provide the unique opportunity to choose exactly what joinery you need to guarantee the safety and comfort of your home, while still maintaining a consistency of profile throughout.
Enhance your environment with our clean, contemporary appearance and enjoy the total atmospheric control provided by its thoroughly researched functionality.
Talk to us about providing cost effective and practical design solutions for your next project.

Join the Team - Become a Licensed Fabricator

As an Altus Window Systems licensed fabricator, you’ll unleash the full resources of an industry leader in manufacturing. We’re committed to making your business a success by giving you access to reliable supply chains, innovative products, advanced production systems, quality tools, customised business software and business experts.