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The AllSeasons™ system is a residential aluminium joinery range that has a thermal break built into the design. In essence the thermal break reduces the thermal transference of cold or heat through the frame. This in turn reduces the energy required to heat or cool a home.


AllSeasons™ differs from other thermally broken products available in New Zealand in that it is made using the 'Pour & Debridge' manufacturing method. This method involves the filling of a channel designed into the extrusion with a resin, then the milling out of the back of the channel to create a 5mm break in the aluminium.

This method has a number differences to the "Polyamide Strip' method (this involves joining 2 extrusions together using a 10mm+ polyamide strip which is crimped to each of the frames) which is the alternative system offered in New Zealand.

AllSeasons™ offers:

  • Structural Strength.
  • Thermal Performance.
  • Incorporates the Altus Window Systems Proprietary Connection systems (patented). 

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